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● Language for leading and participating

● Strategies for improved communication

● Negotiating strategies

● Speaking practice / role plays


Six Thinking Hats

This discussion strategy helps to deal with complex or controversial topics. It helps to eliminate pointless repetition and to prevent more powerful members from dominating the discussion. It also helps to prevent good ideas from being destroyed by negative thinking.



Participants learn the proper way to:
enter a discussion,
express opinions versus facts,
agree and disagree with other opinions,
put forward proposals,
react to other proposals,
interrupt in an acceptable way,
block interruptions,
check for undersanding, and
get clarification when necessary.



Participants learn language strategies with which to:  
open the discussion,
keep the discussion going,
move to another agenda point,
stay on topic,
control the time,
summarize at critical points,
summarize at the end, and
thank everybody and bring the discussion to a close.


Balancing Advocacy
and Inquiry

This is a strategy to diminish the western-style competitive attitude that conflicts with the cultural styles of many non-western nations. It focuses on inviting feedback about your own ideas while inquiring more about the ideas of other people. 



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