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● Informative presentations     

● Persuasive presentations

● Sales presentations

● Targeting the right audience

● Keeping the audience's attention

● Delivery techniques



Attention Devices

A good presenter takes responsibility for helping the audience to remember what is said.

Therefore, he or she makes it as interesting and memorable as possible.

There are different devices, or techniques, for doing this. And they differ from culture to culture.

The participants practice some of the important ones in oral exercises and use some in their presentations in front of the group.   


The Communicative Sequence

This is a framework for creating presentations according to their overall purpose: to inform, to persuade or to motivate.

The nature of the framework shows the relationship of the three types of presentation: the persuasive builds on the informative and the motivative builds on the persuasive.

It is easy to learn, easy to remember, and very effective, particularly for sales presentations where products and services are presented to potential customers.



Participants will learn effective delivery techniques and how to make their visual aids better. 

By emphasizing key words and phrases, giving variation to their voices (pitch, speed, and strategic pauses), and paying attention to body language, participants learn to make their presentations more lively, easier to listen to, and easier to remember.   


Clarity of Purpose

This is a simple tool that allows the speaker to become absolutely clear about the purpose of the presentation.

After deciding the topic, the audience, and the general purpose of the presentation (to inform, to persuade, to motivate), the speaker must write out the specific purpose (of this specific topic for this specific audience) and the core message.

If done with care, this exercise will help the speaker stay focused on the main goal, and it will help the audience connect with the main message. 


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