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Discussion-Based Group ELT is designed to give English-learners what they say they want most: more speaking practice.   

Even people who don't "need" English say that they benefit from speaking practice and feedback. 



We discuss topics that are relevant or important to the group.

They can be work-related (about the company, its products or services, its competitors, the technology or new scientific discoveries) -- or not.

If not, they will certainly be important or interesting to the group (e.g., scientific discoveries, cultural differences, inspiring people, recent news events, etc.).



We use up-to-date materials from current sources, usually from the Internet.

By material we mean texts (such as articles from news sources) or video and audio material (such as YouTube videos and TED Talks).

Work-related material can come from current sources on the internet or it can be client documentation -- for example, emails and reports. 



The trainer uses a notebook computer connected to a beamer or a large-screen television. By this means, all materials (video and texts) are displayed for the group to see.

Video and audio material can be slowed down to match the learners' level without distorting the quality of the sound or the picture!  



Discussions are the basis for correction and feedback regarding grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

When a grammar mistake is made, it is corrected. Depending on the group and the mistake, an exercise may be given for homework. Obviously, for a very strong group, there might be no grammar lessons needed.

When a word is used incorrectly, the correct word is found with one or two alternatives. The German equivalents are always given. New words and phrases are typed onto a Word document and displayed. 

Pronunciation mistakes are corrected quickly (and painlessly) without disturbing the flow of the conversation.

Online resources, such as LEO, Google, and Wikipedia, are used to answer questions as they come up.

All information is written down on a Word document and shown during the lesson. Afterwards, the information is emailed to the group. 







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